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The ancient bell was installed in 1522 and was called Santa Llúcia. Currently, the different peals come from the whole eight installed bells: the Main Bell, forged in 1647, peals the D note and weights 1.200 kg, and the Sant Martí bell, forged in 1680, peals the D# note and weights 130 kg. The Santa Maria (E note and 1.050 kg) and the King Christ (F# note and 750 kg) were forged in 1941.

The association of the Amics de la Seu defrayed four more bells: the Sant Ignasi and Santa Llúcia (G note and 597 kg), the Sants Patrons (A note and 350 kg), the Sant Miquel (B note and 298 kg) and the Ave Maria (D note and 150 kg). They were inaugurated in 1974.