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the radiating chapels

Inside the basilica there are many radiating chapels located along the aisles and round the apse. Inside the apse there are seven chapels, five more on each aisle and facing the main façade there is the Santíssim (the Holy) chapel and the baptistery. Entering the Santa Maria portal and from left to right, the apse chapels are the Sant Crist, Mare de Déu de Montserrat, Sant Marc, Sant Pere (containing the current organ), Sant Nicolau, Sant Josep and the one of the Saeras. Almost all of them contain their respective altarpieces and altars.

At the left side of the nave, from the portal already mentioned to the back, there are the Pilar, Sant Isidre, Sant Honorat, and the Santíssima Trinitat and the Soledat (the Holy Trinity and the Solitude) chapels. At the right side of the nave and, in the same order, the Esperit Sant (the Holy Spirit), Sant Antoni M. Claret, Verge de Lurdes, the Puríssima (the Immaculate), and the Sant Salvador chapels.