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the crypt

At present time it is accessible through the stairs located on each side of the chancel, but originally it had had a central entrance, opened to the basilica nave. The crypt was built between 1576 and 1578, with reduced sizes and cross vaults. Decorated with an altarpiece made between 1600 and 1602, since then it contains the Cossos Sants (Saint Bodies) cases and other relics.

This altarpiece was replaced in 1783 by a notable tabernacle, marble worked by the famous Manresan sculptor Jaume Padró i Cots, together with eight Baroque medallions with high relieves decorating the walls with representative motives of the city patrons’ life. The tabernacle was damaged in 1936 and restored soon afterwards. At the beginning of the 70’s of the past century the crypt was enlarged beneath the See nave, offering a better liturgical function.