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the romanesque front

The sculpted elements of what probably was the main front are the vestige of the Romanesque church that preceded the current Gothic building. Today these are located at the façade next to the cloister, at the See north face, next to the Santa Maria door. It is about a pair of decorated archivolts that lay over two columns headed by chronicled capitals with a sculpted frieze running along them.

The tympanum, with a Mother of God and Child joined by angels, is a reproduction of the original one, which, highly damaged, is preserved in one of the cloister galleries. The front authors have to be related with the same ones that worked the Sant Cugat del Vallès cloister and the front of the Santpedor church in the region of Bages, during the first years of the 13th century.

Romanesque front in 1885

Santa Maria's portal tympanum