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"Past and present of the Music Chapel of the Seu", the proposal of the basilica for Manresa 2018

On Saturday November 10 of 2018, the Basilica will present the act "Passat i present de la Capella de Música de la Seu" (Past and present of the Music Chapel of the Seu), a musical immersion to the Chapel, an entity with more than 400 years of history.

The Chapel, under the direction of Mireia Subirana, will perform a repertoire of works by composers linked to the entity that belong to the Archive of Musical Manuscripts of the Capella de Música of the Seu. Montserrat Lladó will accompany the training on the keyboard and the musicologist Glòria Ballús will discuss all the pieces explaining the characteristics, composer and/or their context and will explain the function and mission of the training and will discover the characteristics of the musical archive.

The themes that will be performed are: "Responsible for Christmas Quem vidistis pastores" with music by Caietà Mensa (* 1765; ? 1845), "Salve" with music by Francesc Xavier Andreví (* 1768; ? 1853), "Ave Maria" with music by Francisco Escorsell (* 1829; ? 1900), "Gradual Corpora Sanctorum" and "Hymn of Santa Cecilia" with music by Miquel Augé (* 1885; ? 1936), "Marxa de Sant Ignasi" versionada by José M.Beobide and "Glory of the Mass of the Virgin of the Dawn" with music by Josep M. Massana (* 1921; 1984).

"Past and present of the Music Chapel of the Seu" will take place in an unusual space of the basilica with a special charm: the Romanesque cloister, located at the bottom of the stairs that leave from the so-called cloister Romanesque church of La Seu, which is accessed from a door located in the neoclassical cloister.

The event is part of the program "Manresa Capital de la Cultura Catalana 2018" that has contributed the necessary budget to carry it out and the entrance will be free.