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The Seu de Manresa hosts a concert of homage to the bishops Oliba and Torras i Bages

It will be on the 3rd of November 2018

Within the framework of the Episcopus project, the Seu of Manresa receives "Musical Oratory Episcopus. Patriarchal Dialogue ", a tribute concert for the bishops Oliba and Torras i Bages, by the Vallès Symphony Orchestra and 11 Catalan choirs, organized by the Vic Bishopric. The concert, the central event of the year Oliba, will be held next Saturday, November 3rd, at 7 pm.

"Episcopus Musical Oratory" is an original religious musical work, composed by Monsignor Valentí Miserachs (composer and director), with texts by the writer and Catalan grammarian, Mn. Josep Ruaix (librettist), both of the Vic Bishopric.

The work represents an imaginary dialogue between the bishops Oliba and Torres i Bages, one from the summit of Montseny, the other from the top of Montserrat, collecting texts from the Bible, the liturgy, Verdaguer and Josep Carner . The composer Miserachs masterfully links this dialogue between the two bishops, with themes and melodies inspired by the musical tradition of Catalonia.

Apart from la Seu of Manresa, previously, the concert was held in the Cathedral of Vic (October 12), in the Monastery of Ripoll (October 13) and in the Basilica of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona (14 d October), in an event organized jointly with the Tarraconense Episcopal Conference. On November 10th, the last performance will take place in Santa Maria of Igualada.

The main objective of the concert "Musical Oratory Episcopus" is to highlight the figure of the bishops Oliba, commemorating the beginning of his episcopate as bishop of Vic (1018-1046) and a recognized character of national interest by the Generalitat of Catalonia, and Josep Torras i Bages, when he was 100 years old since his death in 2016, in order to revive his track today in our country, from an aesthetic and musical experience within the reach of the general public . In the words of the Episcopal Delegate for the Cultural Heritage of the Bishopric of Vic, Mn. Josep M. Riba, "the music touches the heart and the coral echoes enter the history of life with naturalness to the listener."

Tickets to access the concert are priced at 10 euros and can be purchased online at www.codetickets.com and, in person, in the parishes of Manresa and the offices of the Vic Bisbat.