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The Seu hosts the first of the Oliba Millennium celebration event

It will be on the 7th of July at 10pm

With the aim of commemorating the Oliba Millennium, and in parallel, to present the Oliba path, 4 artistic events have been organized under the name of "Oliba Episcopus: Camins". The first of these acts will take place at the Seu of Manresa on Saturday July 7 at 10pm.

It will be a totally unique spectacle, centered on the side of the Abbot and Bishop Oliba as a builder and will be entitled "Homo Faber: Oliba Constructor". After making a small tasting of local products, visitors will take a tour of different areas of the basilica, where they will find artistic interventions such as light projections from the covers, artistic creations and live music.

The creation and direction of the event will be carried out by Antoni Madueño and will be produced by Temps de Joglars. The participating artists will be Pep Aymerich, Jordi Esteban, Lucía Samitier, Arturo Palomares, Roger Subirana, Sílvia Isach-Sinoca and Antoni Madueño himself.

The event is free and registration is not required.