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The Seu releases its new brand image

The main façade and the full name of the basilica are the chosen symbol and logo

For a few months, the Seu is working to reactivate the equipment at the tourist and cultural level. In this line, a brand new image has been created, which includes a symbol and a logo.
The symbol is the main façade of the temple, simplified with straight and strong lines. The rose window, the three arches, the bell tower, the baptistery and three stairs that summarize the majestic staircase leading up to the Basilica are worthy of mention. This figure is encircled by a circle that symbolizes the sun, born from the apse, the world represented in the altarpiece of the Holy Spirit (Pere Serra, 1394) and the keystones of the interior of the temple.

The colour chosen for the symbol is the mustard, which symbolizes the gilded gothic altarpieces and the baroque crypt, the sunlight, the candles in the church and Manresa as the city of Light. The three scales that are sketched have three tones of mustard colour in allusion to the three yellow-gold tones of the world that is represented in the altarpiece of the Holy Spirit.

The logo includes the full name of the Seu highlighting "la Seu", increasing the size of the letter and highlighting it in colour because it is the popular name with which the equipment is recognized. Typography is from a family typographers call "Humanist", which is an evolution of the Gothic towards modernity.

The designer of the brand is Núria Puigmal (www.nuriapuigmal.cat), who has worked closely with the Seu's management team to obtain a brand image that identifies the basilica at a graphic and symbolic level.