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the monument introduction

The Santa Maria Basilica Collegiate of Manresa (the See) is one of the most representative examples of the Catalan Gothic and it is also a symbol and an icon of the Bages district capital. Located at the top of the Puigcardener, it sights the city at its foot from the left side of the Cardener River, at the bottom of the cliff. The See is, without any doubt, the main historical, identity and spiritual reference of all the Manresans. The privileges conceded by Pope Leo XIII in 1886 turned the temple into a Basilica.

In spite of being called “See”, our monument has never been a cathedral see. There are documents from the 9th century where it is quoted that the bishop Gotmar is bishop of Osona and Manresa. Tradition, since its building, has made this name the

popular one considering its cathedral size, the existence of a canonry (from where the name collegiate comes from) and the solemnity and importance the people has always given to it.

This website wants to be a window to the knowledge of our basilica; its history, architecture, art heritage; but it is also meant to be an invitation for your participation in deepening its knowledge, to preserve it for future generations and to diffuse its knowledge around the world.

The Amics de la Seu de Manresa Association invites you to visit the most singular monument of our city, to visit it through our website and, especially, visiting Manresa and entering into the temple. You will find the doors opened.