history of the see and the puigcardener

the gothic

In the 13th century the city of Manresa begins its Gothic gold age raising its peak during the 14th century, under the reign of the king Pere III, The Ceremonious. As in 1296 the city argues about the necessity of reforming the old Romanesque church, but it is not until the end of 1322 when the architect Berenguer de Montagut is commissioned to build the Gothic temple.

The city’s Gothic splendor is reflected by the walls expansion, the building of the Carme, Sant Pere or Sant Miquel churches, or the Sèquia (irrigation ditch). The See work was possible thanks to the faithful donators and thanks to the pushful spirit of the Manresans from that time. In 1328 the foundation stone was laid and as in 1353 worship was celebrated in the new church.