physical description of the monument

the work masters

In June the 30th of 1322 the master worker Berenguer de Montagut signed the contract of the temple building. He did the project and directed the first stage after the laying of foundation stone in 1328. Montagut had already built in Manresa the Pont Nou bridge, and lately he was going to execute at the same time the See and the Carme church projects. Bartomeu Ladernosa was going to follow his directing around 1353-1357, and lately, in 1396, Arnau de Vellers did, straight off by Pere Armengou.

Since the end of 15th century the master Martí d’Ibar, the French Arnau de la Blatte and Esteve Brueil, and also the Andalusian master Alonso de Baena appear quoted in some documents. In the 16th century the masters Joan Font and Guerau Cantarell built the tower. Finally, as in the 20th century, Alexandre Soler i March projected and directed part of a façade with a Neo-Gothic gallery composed by three portals and upper roof, located between the already existing Santíssim’s chapel and the new baptistery.