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preserving the monument

projects, problems and challenges

As any other patrimonial building in an urban area, the See has and will have maintenance problems due to continuos deterioration caused by the contamination from several gasses and acid like chemical substances that dye and erode the stone. Birds also create problems with their excrements and their own corpses as when they die they block the drainpipes and produce leakage. The anthropic action is also the cause of the walls, pavements and diverses elements damage. The Manresan continental like climatology oscillates between high dry atmospheres and temperatures overcoming the 40ºC during summer, and cold and moist winters with temperatures that have reached -18ºC. These conditions are also causing constant destruction of walls, pavements and, above all, the sumptuary architectural elements.

The See is a big sized building that has its own life, and the lack of means, not suitable with its size, makes its damaging faster than its restoring. The installations are also exposed to a permanent slow wasting and cause recurring investment. The new cultural uses of the monumental group demand adaptations of areas and services and a bigger maintenance. Our society has to be capable in managing resources and efforts to satisfy all these needs.