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The main goal of our activity is to promote the required works to restore and preserve the See, to obtain the necessary resources for these means and to follow these executions works.

Therefore, there have been organized popular subscription campaigns to finance some projects: The restoration of the North or the Santa Maria Portal (1990), “Salvem la Seu” (Save the See) (1999), the rose window restoration (2005), and the See inside illumination (2007).

Also the collaboration from institutions has been searched as the case of the two-signed agreements. The first one (2001-2004) with 5 organizations: Ministry of Culture, Government of Catalonia, County Council of Barcelona, City Council of Manresa, and Bishopric of Vic. And the second one (2004-2008) only with 4 signatories because the Ministry of Culture did not supported it. Other entities such as Caixa Manresa Foundation and Endesa Foundation have been involved.

Since 1988 the “Day of the See” is organized each year, which consists in a holiday and a reason for our members and followers to meet. It is also a mean to promote the knowledge of our city’s great monument and as much as to present the activities and projects in which our association works.