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history summary

The Santa Maria See Basilica Collegiate of Manresa is oficially included in the historical and artistical monuments catalogue of the Spanish State since a law by the Republican Provisional Government in June 3rd 1931, which means, from the point of view of its preservation, maintenance and restoration, a considerable elevated economical cost.

Since the 40’s, once finished the Civil War (1936-39), in which the See suffered considerable damages, the works done represented, in fact, added charges that were managed, together with the Parish priest, by the Committee of the Work. This meant a great effort and, soon, the convenience of creating an association was seen. Besides managing, it should promote the preservation of everything concerning the basilica works, as well as its inside and outside needs. And equally it could apply for subventions to the official organizations to accomplish the aims proposed.

The ultimate constitution of the Association took place in May 22th 1971, with the statutes approval, ratified by the then Civil Government. Afterwards the first Entity’s Committee of Direction was elected. This entity by law, could direct the efforts more properly in order to accomplish the aims proposed by the statutes project developed to this means; “Promote the achievement of the works considered necessary or convenient for the restoration and preservation of the See Basilica of Manresa as much for what involves its building as for the artistic elements of its inside or outside”. The first statutes were updated in 1990 in order to adapt them to the legal normative and in 2004 as well.